Two marine activity tours can be booked at the hotel's activity center.
Join the tour and have the sun and sea of Kumejima all to yourself!

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Hatenohama Beach Tour

Hatenohama beach is a place you must visit at least once when you come to Kume Island. Spending a moment on the 7-km-long pure white sand beach that appears in the middle of the bright blue sea will remain in your memory for a long time.

PriceOver 12 years old: 4,400JPY/person
4 to 12 years old: 3,300JPY/person
0 to 3 years old: 550JPY/person
Time3 hours
Conditions・Prohibition of drinking alcohol prior to tour participation
・Swimming after drinking is prohibited
・Independent walking is required
・Strictly adhere to the swimming area
・Life jackets must be worn when you swin
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Hatenohama Beach Tour + SNUBA (on hiatus)

Why don't you not only enjoy your time at Hatenohama beach but also try "SNUBA" which can only be experienced here in Okinawa Prefecture?

What is SNUBA?
A new marine sport that originated in the United States. A rubber boat with an air tank on board floats on the water, and you breathe through an air hose connected to the boat. It is a new type of diving that allows you to enter the world of the sea without carrying a heavy tank on your back like diving.

It is a valuable experience that can only be had here in Okinawa Prefecture!

PriceOver 12 years old: 13,200JPY/person
6 to 12 years old: 12,100JPY/person
Time3 hours
Conditions・No alcohol consumption prior to participation
・Independent walking required
・No hard contact lenses
・No pacemakers
・No other pre-existing medical conditions
・Need confirmation of Diver Medical Check Sheet
Boarding Time LimitationsBoarding is not allowed 4 hours after participation.
*if you join the afternoon tour, you are not allowed to board the last flight to Naha Airport on the same day.

Tours can be booked through the hotel activity center!

If you make a reservation through activity center in the hotel, you can borrow a tour bag that includes a towel and drinks!
*Snorkel sets are not available for rent.

How to Book

【when you check-in】
Please stop by the activity center in the hotel after check-in. Based on the weather and sea level conditions for the following day, we will make a reservation.

Other Conditions

  • Confirmation of your booking
    Both tours are subject to weather and ship availability. Please note that we may not be able to arrange tours on the days and at the times requested.
  • Payment
    Payment is required at the time of tour participation at the site.
  • Cancellation Fee
    50% of the cancellation fee on the day before the event and 100% on the day of the event.
  • Cancellation of the tour due to inclement weather
    The decision to cancel the tour due to inclement weather will be made at 7:00 a.m. on the day of the tour. The activity supervisor will contact all reservations.